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We just sold the Creation Ultimate and this Creation S sits just above it and second to only the mega expensive Creation Advance (which cost nearly $20,000 more at $45,000).  The cables have proprietary conductors in them and can be a bit “wiry” (may have been their proprietary conductors…) to lay them out so extra patience is needed. But once you have them settled in, they will astound you. There is this startling clean display. There is no edgy vagueness around the soundstage and imaging where some lesser cables tend to be weak in. The cables were more like an extra smooth conduit for the signal travel between the amp and speakers. It does demand top a top notch amp/speaker pairing for maximum result though. Compared to the Schnerzinger Extreme 10000 speaker cables we had before, they are similarly priced with almost similar performance. The difference between them are like splitting hairs. One may be better suited with certain speaker/ amp combo than the other but collectively, they will do wonders in any system and boils down to a matter of taste and preference.

Cable looks good with just the usual scuff marks around the spades and tuning boxes from use. One owner since new. We have the original wooden box and will double box it for safe shipping.