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$1495 Original Price: $5000
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This was the original Creation Ultimate that evolved into the current “S” version. It is somewhat like the “junior” reference series from Hemingway and you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. In a top end system and if you listen real close, you can hear a slightly more detailed, sharper sound with the “S” version but otherwise both are comparably good. At half the price (at MSRP) when compared to The Creation, the Creation Ultimate is a high end bargain if your budget doesn’t extend to The Creation. We tried this cable with different types of components and found it to work best with digital sources and preamps. It added a level of composure and a more grounded sound over stock cable. Definition was better and overall presentation took on a more transparent and cleaner image.

Cable looks good with just the usual scuff marks from use. One owner since new. We have the original packaging and will double box it for safe shipping.