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This is the cable that is totally deserving of the “jewels” that bedecked its XLR plugs. The cable itself is indeed a jewel in the realm of high end cables. With a price tag that can be almost five times that of a typical hifi system, the cable is obviously designed for the mega price system. In our “humble” Absolare preamp and Viva Aurora monoblocks setup ($92,000 MSRP), the Creation Advance raise the level of performance one notch higher. We thought we had reached the pinnacle with their Creation series, but their flagship Creation Advance further extended the envelope of ultimate performance. The cable is ruthlessly revealing, so open that every minute nuances was being picked up. There is no over emphasis in any of the frequency range. Just a flat, even neutrality across it. This cable does need the creme de le creme of audio gears to be at its best but we got excellent results with gears in the $5,000 to $30,000 range.

Cable looks good with just the usual scuff marks from use. New seal packing (the blue plastic seal) are still on most metal parts of the cables except one end of the XLR plugs. One owner since new. We have the original packaging and will be securely packed for safe shipping.