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As Hegel’s only DAC offering at the moment, the HD30 is a runaway success. The level of technology that went into this machine would have cost something in the five figure range easily had it been branded by any of the top end brands. But being that it is Hegel, it is all about bringing the latest tech to the masses and how high quality sound can be attained at a reasonable price point. And we totally applaud that. Digital inputs are plenty – AES/EBU, BNC, Coax, Optical 1, Optical 2, and Optical 3. Then there is a USB input where you can switch (via a toggle switch beside it) between position A (up position) – plug and play mode in 24-bit/96 KHz orĀ  position B (down position) – plug and play in 24-bit/192 KHz and DSD64/128 mode. The last input is a RJ-45 network cable input. Output is via RCA or XLR which can also be switched to variable mode if your system is fully digital base. In the mode, you don’t need to use a, additional preamp and you can just run the HD30 directly into your amp and control the volume via the knob on the front or via the remote control. Unit is simple to use and operate with a high level of musical enjoyment. Compared to the Marantz NA-11S1 that we also have for sale in a separate listing, the Hegel offered a slightly more detailed resolution and a bit more expansive soundstage. It was also a bit warmer, more organic in the vocals but by not much. We would recommend either one of them depending on your taste and system setup. Go for the Hegel if you want a warm European sound and the Marantz if you want precision and neutrality. Unit is switchable between 115V or 230V so it can be used anywhere in the World!

Cosmetically, the HD30 looks very good. Minor scuff marks here and there common with use but nothing major. Solid metal remote is included. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. We also have it in black and a matching H360 integrated in black if you want a simple but complete Hegel system.