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The H20 is one of two power amps currently offered by Hegel. The brand has been offering really top class audio gears without the big price tag that commonly accompanies it like how many other brands do. The H20 is solidly built with chunky aluminum faceplates, huge transformers and high quality parts. Power output is a powerful 200W per channel in 8 ohm with a peak current of 130 Amperes and a damping factor of more than 1,000 (which is amongst the highest in the industry). Its bigger sibling the H30 is 350W per channel and will skyrocket to 1,100W if you get two and run them as monoblocks. If your speakers somehow require that amount of power to quench its “thirst”, you would be looking at $15,000 for one H30 (running in stereo mode) or $30,000 (running two in monoblocks). So for $6,000 MSRP, the H20 is by far, the cheaper alternative that will give you the same authoritative, smooth detailed sound you would get from the H30. In fact, the H20 will rival anything out there costing up to $12,000 easily. Its bring back some nostalgia from other great Norwegian high end brands like Tandberg and Electrocompaniet but the Hegel is a refreshing evolution of Norwegian hifi with better resolution on top of its effortless smoothness. A top performing preamp, source unit and speakers are without saying, a must, to fully exploit the prowess of the H20.

Cosmetically, the H20 looks very good. Minor scuff marks here and there common with use but nothing major. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping. See our other listings for other great Hegel components.