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The H360 was Hegel’s former flagship integrated amp. With 250W/ 8 ohm and 420W/ 4 ohm on tap, it was a giant powerhouse that is packed in an elegant chassis that is also fitted with a truly outstanding DAC. With its minimalist design cue, you could assemble a hifi system with just two boxes (to keep it in line with its minimalist approach) if you plan to just run one digital source like a CD player. Sonically, the H360 is hard to fault. It is a more upbeat sounding unit if we were to compare it with the likes of Electrocompaniet (the other Norweigan high end brand). Highs were detailed and smooth with the mids slightly on the warm side but dynamic and the bass strong and purposeful. The H360 would rival any pre/power combo costing up to $6,000. Period. If this was a straight up integrated for $6,000 MSRP, it would have been one of our recommended best buy. To have a wonderful DAC on board, that’s icing on the cake. With a 24 bit/ 192 KHz chip on board, you could run your digital output into it and have two “flavors” of the same CD soundtrack by switching between the analog inputs of the CD player and its digital out.

Cosmetically, the H360 looks very good. Minor scuff marks here and there common with use but nothing major. Solid metal remote is included. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping. We also have the HD30 DAC for sale in a separate listing if you want a DAC (that has a better chip) on its own.