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The H160 was the smaller sibling to the H360. With a more conservative 150W per channel and geared towards the “digital” audiophile, it offers a very generous, six digital inputs that range from coaxial to optical to USB to ethernet. There are two line inputs – coaxial and XLR and a home theater input if you have other components that you want to have it hooked up to. Front fascia is the same minimalist design that is carried across the range and has proven to be very simple to learn and use.

Sonically, the H160 is an amazing sounding integrated. Personally, we prefer the digital input section over the analog line section. The digital section had a more robust presentation with better detail retrieval and a cleaner cut into the music it is presenting. There is nothing with the analog section but the digital section is just better.

Cosmetically, the H160 looks very good. Minor scuff marks here and there common with use but nothing major. Solid metal remote is included. We have the original box, manual and will securely pack it for safe shipping. We also have the HD30 DAC for sale in a separate listing if you want a DAC (that has a better chip) on its own.