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The compact size Quasar III and Q-PSU III phono preamp comes from Heed Audio’s Modular range of compact components that are like little Lego bricks you can put together to form a top notch compact stereo system. The Quasar III phono preamp is pretty versatile considering its 4″ width, 3″ height and 9″ depth (approx). It will accept both MC and MM inputs and in MC mode, offers three selectable settings for sensitivity – 600/300/100 µV and three selectable settings for impedance – 100/470/1000 Ω. In MM mode, sensitivity is fixed at 2.5mV and impedance at 47 kΩ. To access the settings, you would need to open up the case and just move the jumpers to the respective values you want (for MC cartridges). If you are using MM cartridge, you just need to move the jumper to MC. It is currently set for MM. There are two pairs of outputs because Heed Audio realizes that not every audiophile has the same era of amplification so they designed two pairs of outputs – the high output for newer amplifications (90’s onwards) and low output for amplifications that are pre-90s. Very useful feature and definitely warrant some experimentation in your system to bring out the best in your vinyl.

Cosmetically, the unit is in nice shape. Minor scuff marks common with use. We have the original box and will securely pack this for safe shipping.