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Here is another highly reviewed reference monitor speakers from the company that never ceases to come up with award winning speakers. This M30 is their 30th Anniversary Edition and is quite simply one of the best sounding monitor speakers. It is fairly “large” at 18″ tall and 12″ wide and deep. We had them mounted on 18″ stands but you may want to vary that height depending on the height of your listening chair. Ideally, the stands should be high mass and well isolated off the ground to bring out the best from these speakers. Positioning them is also critical in achieving the most optimum soundstage. When these two conditions are met, with a good source unit and good amplification, the musicality of these speakers are astounding. Bass response is not as deep as the larger M40 speakers but they sounded deeper and tighter than their 50Hz spec suggest. Nominal impedance is 8 ohms and sensitivity is 85dB. Suggested power from your amplifier is 25W minimum but we have found them to sound their best with power ratings higher than that.

These are truly wonderful sounding speakers. Vocals was especially intimate and holographic and speakers adapted well with jazz and classical. Hard rock music may lack the “punchy” drive that is expected from it so that is matter of taste with the individual user. Overall, these speakers are impressive but its like an instrument in the orchestra. It needs to be partnered with solid stands, top notch components and a well suited room to become a “full” orchestra.

Cosmetically, the speakers are in great shape. Minor signs of use. We have the original boxes (they are shipped in two boxes).