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The Prince V2 isn’t a very difficult pair of speakers to love. It’s unique shape definitely catches your eyes at first sight but when you sit down to listen to them, it will capture your heart and soul. These speakers offer a stupendously wide soundstage and yet, manages to keep music focused and intimate. It definitely needs a lot of space around it to build this soundstage but when it is in its right elements, is easily one of the best sounding reference speakers for under $50, 000. Remarkably smooth without any hint of fatigue, its highs were perfectly pitched with a nice warmth at its mid-range. Bass was not as tight as some of its competition but had a thunderous volume when demanded.

In a comparo test with the Aerial Acoustics Model 20T, our customers liked both speakers with each brand having some strength and weakness over the other. Some preferred The Prince V2 over the Model 20T when it comes to vocals and jazz but preferred the Model 20Ts when it came to rock and pop. Both speakers held their own when it came to classical music. So depending on the type of music you mainly listen to and the type of system you have, you might like slightly more than the other but we feel that both have no equals at this under $15,000 price point. No wonder, they were both highly anointed by leading hifi magazines.

We have the original crates, spikes and manual for The Prince V2. Speakers are in very good condition with just minor scuff marks common with use. Shipping will be via freight in two crates. You would have to spend a lot more buying something new and comparable to these speakers.