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The Hagerman Bugle2 phono preamp may not look “much” but in terms of sound quality and value for money, this has to be the best buy out there. It is essentially a very well thought out design that puts sound above all else. The casing is simple enough and with an “outboard” power supply, electrical noise is kept away from its sensitive phono board. The phono preamp is amazingly quiet as a result. Compared to our other sub-$1,000 phono preamp – PS Audio’s NuWave Phono Converter, the Bugle2 does hold its own against it. It may lack the features offered on the NuWave and the better build quality, but the Bugle2 does sound just as good for much lesser money. Naturally, at this “budget” price point, the Bugle2 is meant for turntables costing up to $1,000 that needs a well designed phono stage to up its gain output into a preamp. This is the 40dB gain output version.

The unit is in excellent condition. Manual is available online and will be securely packed for safe shipping.