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This is one of two turntables that we recently acquired from a well known hifi reviewer. It has been the primary vinyl front end of his reference system for years and is only making way because it is being replaced by a much more expensive vinyl front end. To quote his parting words as we pry away this turntable from his hands – “this is one of the most satisfying turntable I have ever owned and I will regret parting ways with it.”

I think for us, the star of the show is the T-3 arm and the Koetsu Rosewood Signature MC cartridge. What a match made in heaven setup! Just seeing the T-3 arm cue as it cut across the record is a sight to behold. With the control unit, you are almost operating it like a CD play with its “manual” track selection (not exactly but close enough) The Koetsu Rosewood Signature MC cartridge is where it ties everything into place and creates this “airy” and “floating” wonderland of music. This is analog magic at its best. The Koetsu works fine and like all other Koetsu cartridges are a treasure piece worth keeping over the years. So down the road, you might want to send it back to have it re-built (still much cheaper than getting a brand new piece and they don’t re-tip) to original factory spec. Plus, you get the “benefits” of an aged rosewood which some have claimed, adds to the sound’s richness. The current retail for the Rosewood signature varies from $3,400 to as much as $4,450.

Cosmetically, the whole unit looks good for its age. Minor scuff marks and knicks on its acrylic sides but nothing major. Floating suspension is good and we will improvise with fitting bolts and washers to lock it down for shipping if required (pickup is warmly welcome). The wooden dust cover has a heat/dry humidity split across the top panel but it doesn’t affect the integrity of the cover. Some wood fillers and paint will cover it up nicely.