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The Mimesis SRI was Goldmund’s integrated masterpiece from the late Nineties. It was one of the few amps that Goldmund offered that was actually affordable for the “masses”. However, this also means that your ticket to owning a Goldmund amp would have to be an integrated like the SRI that you see here. Getting a pre/power combo would easily set you back a few thousand dollars more. But if you had spent the $3,000 MSRP it was asking for back then, you would get 100W per channel and the same solid built quality and generous high end parts used internally like the more expensive pre/power combos they were selling. Soundwise, the SRI was no different than the more expensive pre/power combos except in the more demanding setup where larger and more hungry speakers were being used and being played at a higher SPL. For that, the SRI’s 100W may be over taxed. But outside such a demanding setup, the SRI displayed excellent control, a taut bottom end, precise mids and highs. Music was accurately executed in a very studio-like setting. So speaker pairing with the SRI should be one where the speakers are an extension of the SRI’s ability. The warmer sounding kind of speakers should only considered if all else fails. One thing is for sure though, its $3,000 MSRP is a ridiculously good buy back then and an even better buy now for under $1,800. Switch on the rear allows you to switch between 110V or 220V so it can be used anywhere in the World!

Cosmetically, the SRI is in very nice shape. The dealer whom we got this from had it re-capped about a year ago so it is ready to soldier on for many more years to come. Operating the unit is very straight forward. Once it is turned on, you just select the input and adjust the volume accordingly. That’s it, plain and simple. Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.