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This is another piece from the golden 80’s era of Japanese audio. Designed and built to be superior in every way (within the price category it was in), the Mitsubishi is a hefty 115W in 8 ohm and 140W in 4 ohm with an incredible 0.008% THD. In terms of engineering, this was one of the best examples where Japanese audio technology was really pushing the envelope of musical perfection. For example, if you look on the rear panel where there are two circular indentations on the back panel, that is actually where the cooling rods are mounted (their way of “draining” the heat from the amp instead of ugly heat sinks) and where they run across the length of its two sides. The amp was designed for speed. Signal transference was incredibly fast where it enjoyed a very clean and transparent sound across the frequency range. Paired with a good preamp and the system can easily rival anything out there costing up to $2,000. The power meter display panel can be place just above the amp itself or on another shelf if space is tight. You will need another pair of RCA interconnect cables if you want to use it and have the power bar display active because you would connect that between your preamp and poweramp. This amp is quite the conversation piece based on how it looks alone but have it play some music and people will just stop talking and listen. The amp has been fully serviced and restored with all the worn out caps and resistors replaced. Now the amp works like new and will need some burn in time to stabilize. This is a highly collectible Japanese amp, especially one in this condition. Add full restoration to its resume and its $700 asking price (just a little more than what we pay to have it fully restored) is a ridiculous bargain.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. Some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack this beauty for safe shipping.