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When you build some of the finest turntables in the World, you would naturally need a comparable phono stage to extract out the best there are from these turntable. And this is what Brinkmann Audio did. The Edison was designed and built with the sole purpose of getting vinyl to sound the best possible. As the only phono stage in the lineup, the Edison had big shoes to fill when its own turntable department offers something like six turntables. Which is why, the Edison offers three pairs of inputs allowing up to three turntables to be hooked up to it. The design and build of this phono stage is also a thing of beauty. Its see through clear top allows its proud owner to admire the beautiful layout inside and feast on the premium parts meticulously laid out inside. A gain switch on the front allows for very convenient adjustment on each input and while an attenuated knob on the back of each channel allows for independent impedance adjustment between 47 kOhms to 50 ohms. Each setting are conveniently saved in an EPROM so when you switch around inputs, it brings out the setting that was saved. Soundwise, this is easily one of the finest sounding phono stage we have had the chance to listen to. Music flowed so naturally and with such details that other lesser phono stages seem to just murk over. The two Telefunken PCF803 tubes used in each channel (four in total) undoubtedly enhanced the quality of the sound. It is ruthlessly revealing so pair it with the best cartridge and table your budget allows. Output is via a pair of XLRs only. So if you plan to use RCA cables, you would need to get an XLR/RCA adapter.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. Some very minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Remote is included and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.