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The Brinkmann Integrated is a minimalist, reference level integrated amp. Beautiful in design, amazingly engineered (you can read more about it on Stereophile’s review on it) and a World Class performer. With 70W in 8 ohm and 100W in 4 ohm, the Integrated looks conservative on paper but when you put it into a real World listening session, the Integrated blows away any reservation you may have. The Integrated is not about raw power. Its about musical enjoyment, clarity and accuracy. The glass top cover is a wonderful idea because it allows you to admire the beautiful layout inside, the high end parts used and the well thought out structure and signal path. The input control knob interestingly shows which input is selected when you view it from the top through the glass pane. Lovely. If you want your system setup even more simplified, Brinkmann offers a DAC module (which we have heard is a stunning piece) that can be installed on the Integrated so that all you need is a CD transport and a pair of speakers and you are good to go.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. Some very minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Remote and original packaging are included.