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The Antileon is one massive hernia inducing beast. Weighing close to 200 lbs, the Antileon in its pit bull stance, is a Class A amp ready to put down its claws and bite into any system to show its authority. Designed as a dual mono 100W Class A, it is no slouch in driving any speakers. It is currently driving a pair of Focal Maestro speakers and this it does without breaking a sweat. The Antileon literally conquers over the Focals and brings forth a deep, tight, black bass with a rich, full, tube-like mid range and sweet detailed highs. If a benchmark standard Class A amp is what you are looking forward, the Antileon is probably the best example of one. We have heard many different brands of Class A amplification and none comes close to the Antileon in terms of sonic performance, build quality and physical presence.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape and has seen very little use. Which may explain why the main power switch can be a bit “sticky” when turning on. You may need to occasionally hit it twice to get a contact. But otherwise, the amp works fine and turns on with its first contact most of the time. Due to its weight and size, the amp is still at our customer’s house in Queens, NYC. So pickup and auditioning (serious buyers only) will be done there. Contact us to make arrangements.