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Goldmund Mimesis 28 stereo amp. Swiss legend! Lots of positive reviews. $10,700 MSRP. This was previously paired with the Mimesis 7PH preamp (that we have for sale in another listing) where the previous owner initially ran the Mimesis 7PH with the Mimesis 8. A change in his speakers saw the need to move up the power ladder and he chose the Mimesis 28. He could have opted for the Mimesis 9 which would be more in line with the preamp cosmetically but the 28 sounded better. It still has the same 200W output as the Mimesis 9 but had a bit more refinement and sounded a tad smoother, warmer. But the biggest of all differences? It was physically more manageable. The Mimesis 9 was a monster of an amp. The amp has been re-capped (was done together with the Mimesis 7PH four years ago) so it will be good for many more years to come.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. Some minor scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. Amp will be securely packed for safe shipping. Local pickup at our store encouraged.