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The¬†Triton 7 continues the lengthening list of award winning speakers made by GoldenEar. These speakers are amazing value. For $1500, you got a tower speaker with two 8* passive radiators, two 5.25″ woofers and a folded ribbon tweeter. Bass response is an impressive 29Hz and extends all the way up to 35KHz for the highs. Sensitivity and impedance is an amp friendly 89dB and 8 ohms respectively. As tower speakers they are relatively light since some bookshelves actually weight more than their spec 32lbs. But upon listening to them, you don’t hear the “hollowness” you typically hear from speakers that have lightweight construction. Instead, they produced a nice good grip over the music. Highs were especially sweet, detailed and had a smooth roll off. Mids were warm and had just right balance to tip above the lower bass notes. Bass was not overwhelming but had the right amount of punch. It wasn’t thunderous but you could hear/feel its presence when the soundtracks demanded.

All in all, the Triton 7 is a musical bargain (even at its $1500 MSRP). When position properly in your room, they will produce a very holographic soundstage. These speakers are not about the expense that goes into exotic materials used or brand pride but rather a well designed speaker with affordability in mind and bringing music to the masses.

This pair you see here were former dealer demo units. Very minor scuff marks from being a demo unit but nothing major. We have the original boxes. Speakers are shipped in two boxes.