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The AON 3 is the perfect solution for the audiophile who has a small to medium size room and wants a compact speaker that doesn’t sacrifice low level frequency in favor of size. The AON 3, in all its compactness (9″ x 11″ x 14″) delivers serious bass (38Hz) with its twin 8″ low frequency radiators and 7″ mid/bass unit. Its highs are reproduced by its HVFR tweeter which was as smooth and gentle as any tweeter out there in the market. The AON 3 needs a high mass speaker stands to sound its best where the soundstage is tighten in and definition is more pronounced. Once you have that in play and with a good quality amp and source unit, you will truly appreciate this award winning speakers.

This pair you see here were former dealer demo units. Very minor scuff marks from being a demo unit but nothing major. We have the original boxes and manual.