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The Stibbert Black Pearl MKIII is a wonderfully organic sounding CD player. It has several things going for it – a pair of 6922 tubes in the output stage, spring suspended chassis, proprietary filters used in the DAC and an automatic servo assisted power supply (first for consumer CD player) for better, smoother voltage in the player. Its warm tube sound was unmistakable once you are 20 mins into the player warming up. Mids were lush and the highs were detailed and sweet. Bass had a good “thump” and weight which blended nicely without sounding overly thick. The player’s design is a bit dramatic with its spring suspended poles that are holding the main chassis “in the air” which detracts from the typical heavy duty slap down design of other CD players. Makes a good conversation piece though. The Black Pearl MKIII differs from the earlier models by offering a digital input which you can run another CD player/transport through its internal DAC to attain the same sweet sound.

Cosmetically, the player is in good condition. Some scuff marks here and there and along the edges but nothing major. Original remote, manual and box is included.