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This speaker cable is nothing short of stunning. We were already very impressed with their interconnect cables but their speaker cables, that is a whole different animal.

When we switched out Audioquest’s Wild Wood speaker cables from our Davone Grande speakers with the Goebel, we just had to shake our heads in amazement. It was not as “sharp or biting” as the Wild Wood but its massive scale in detail extraction was performed in a manner that adds a new dimension to the meaning of civility. When we talk about a cultured sound, well groomed, the Goebel is all these and more. Music was reproduced with a more balanced demeanor with no little “kinks” at certain frequencies. Just a smooth flow from the amps out to the speakers. ¬†They are easily, a reference standard pair of speaker cables. The astronomical MSRP may be out of the reach for many but at under $7,000 now, they may be the best sounding speaker cables for many.

Cosmetically, the cable look good. Some scuff marks and tiny knicks on the junction boxes but nothing major. The cables have a very thick “body” and a pretty hefty weight to it (unlike similar looking cables from Shunyata who don’t even weigh 1/4 as much). Cables will be securely packed for safe shipping.