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If the brand Goebel doesn’t ring a bell, check out their website (link on our page). They have been manufacturing some of the most astonishing looking and sounding speakers and cables for more than ten years now. All hand made in Germany to the highest standards and the best materials used within the price range, they exude a certain high end feel that only a handful of manufacturers can actually rival. The Lacorde interconnect cable you see here is one such fine example. Just one look and you know this is a high end piece. More importantly, it has the high sound to match its looks. We had this plugged between our dCS Debussy and Audio Research REF250 monoblocks and we were taken aback with its almost pure “transparency” and liquid smooth sound. In comparison to Nordost’s Odin XLR cables (one of our other reference cable of choice when cost is no object), the Lacorde made the Odin sounded “bright” and “harsh”. Compared to the KLEE (our resident system cable), the Lacorde was just as smooth, maybe slightly less “weighty” in the LF but is more “undiluted” in sound. Its like drinking VOSS bottled water versus Poland Spring.

The cable had one previous owner in France who added them as part of a trade deal for a pair of McIntosh MC1.2KW that we sold to him. By getting the monoblocks, he needed a slightly longer (2.5m) pair of Lacorde interconnect cables. Original leather clad box is included. Very minor scuff marks on the XLR plugs. The cables are 1.5m long.