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In the sub-$2000 category for used speakers, the choices are plenty, even bewildering. But if you want one that stands out from the crowd, there are only a handful. The Gershman Acoustic Avant Garde RX-20 is one of those. From its “interestingly” shaped cabinet (pyramid looking with sloping sides) to its warm mid-range and forceful bass, the RX-20 has many right “notes” going for it. The bass driver is a home designed 8.5″ with an Audax 3″ midrange and a Vifa 1″ silk dome tweeter. Bass response starts at 25 Hz which really adds some deep end to an otherwise slim looking floorstander. It is not much larger than a Totem Forest speaker (which we are using in comparison here) but it throws out a bigger soundstage and deeper bass. Mid-range was more forward and more textured. The highs was slightly crispier but just as smooth. One interesting feature on the RX-20 is a switch on the back where you can “toggle” the crossover to boost the highs or lows a little bit more. Its a very subtle difference and you would really need to pay close attention to hear the difference.

The Totem Forest is an excellent mid-range floorstander. But if you are looking for something that shares the same footprint, priced around the same but a bit more “aggressive” sounding than the Forest,┬áthe RX-20 will be the better choice.

Speakers are very made and its more than 80 lb weight per speaker is a testament to the quality materials used throughout. The gloss black finish has some minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. Local pickup is preferred but can be shipped strapped on a pallet.