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This is a one box alternative to GamuT’s two box D3i and D200i pre/power combo. With 20W less (D200i has 200W at 8 ohm) at 180W in 8 ohm and 360W in 4 ohm, the Di150 still has more than ample power to drive most speakers but at a more affordable price point (versus $21,000 for the pre/power combo). Built quality is first class and the overall look has a classy high end appeal that its $13,000 price tag should command. But more importantly, it is sonically appealing in all the right places. We had this compared to the Vitus SIA-025 MKII and it is every bit as impressive (almost, in our opinion) to the much more expensive Vitus. It may lack slightly the transparency and detail retrieval of the Vitus but at half the price (at MSRP), the GamuT is a bargain. The GamuT has the same balanced sound with a slightly warmer overtone (almost tube like but with a darker, quieter background) and a nicely colored soundstage. Speaker and source unit can be critical where it flourishes with top notch component pairing.

Cosmetically, the unit is very nice shape. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original remote and unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.