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The SpeakerFlux cable from Furutech is like a “breadth of fresh air” when we used it in our system that had Transparent Audio speaker cables. It may be slightly lighter on the bottom end when compared to the Transparent Audio cable but it has a cleaner transparent sound in the mids and highs. There was ample amount of refinement in this cable where music was projected with a beguiling smoothness and definition. Bass was quick and tight and although not as voluminous as the Transparent, was equally tight and pulsating. Built, finish and materials used are amongst the best in the industry. Using rhodium plated speaker lugs with carbon fiber body and pure OCC conductors, Furutech chose the high ground for quality materials but only priced them at mid-fi prices. A real bargain now at under $2,000.

Cosmetically, it is in excellent shape. One previous owner since new. We have the original box and will securely pack it for safe shipping.