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If you think AC plugs are just rudimentary pieces of an AC cord, think again. Just take look at this FI-50M NCF Rhodium male plug and Rhodium IEC connector. Throw in some carbon fiber, ceramic and non-magnetic stainless steel and this transforms what would have been a “rubberized” or plastic plug and connector into pieces of “art”. If you own some high end AC cords and are currently terminated with the regular plastic black plugs, try switching them out to the Furutechs’. Its a real waste when you have valuable conductors that are then terminated with cheap plastic plugs on either ends.

The set you here were taken off from an Acoustic Revive Absolute AC cord because the buyer wanted the cord to be terminated with European plugs. So this set has never been used and is in mint condition. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.