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This is a very purposeful power conditioner at a beer budget price. With a maximum current load of 45 amps and 1800 Watt maximum capacity, it can take on some serious power amps through its outlets. There are three banks of four outlets on the rear and one in the front where they all offer MSP (Multi-Stage Protection). One bank of four outlets are designed for power amps while another set of four have additional ultrasonic filtering for more sensitive components like CD players, turntables and preamps. The front panel also has two light modules that needs to be extended for the bulbs to shine some light down the rack. This is useful in a darken room where your gears are all mounted in a rack. Overall, this is a very engineered unit for $800 MSRP and a bargain now at $250.

Cosmetically, the unit has some scratches from being moved around in the rack previously but will not be visible when installed in a rack. The unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.