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The FA52.0 is a multi-talent speaker. It can used as a center channel or as front stereo speakers or rear surround speakers. The speaker has a switch in the front to lower the SPL of the tweeter by 3dB. But  we will encourage you to try it out before settling down on which level you prefer. The speaker is dynamic sounding with its twin 4.75″ woofers delivering some quick bass. We tried them as stereo speakers and although they highly involving, needs some careful placement to get the soundstage more focused. But when used as the front three speakers – left, center and right in a home theater system, they flowed beautifully. Fast action sound traverse across from left to right and right to left very swiftly and spot on. Impact was more “forceful” than many sub-$150 speaker which means that this is an excellent choice if you have a budget for an under $150 speaker. Speaker is shielded so it can be placed close to your TV.

Cosmetically, the speaker is in good shape. Some scuff marks here and there and along the edges. One of the grille pegs is missing but with the remaining five that is still on it (five out of six are there), it holds the grille on securely. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack this for safe shipping. We have more than one available so contact us for a package deal.