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We have sold quite a few different Focal headphones and the Stellia you see here, is by far the best sounding and most comfortable that has come out of Focal. With a $3,000 MSRP, this headphone is all dressed up in leather, comes with a nice carrying bag and most important of all, the same speaker technology found in their full size speakers. Which is why you barely miss a beat when put the headphones on. Its almost like rolling your listening chair and plonking it down between two speakers. Headphones generally have very impressive frequency range – 5 Hz to 40 kHz which you would almost never find in your typical speakers. So to a certain extend, you would hear that impressive range via these headphones than you would with your normal speakers. There are two pairs of headphone cables where it allows it to be used with a simpler device like your smart phone or iPod or a dedicated headphone amp.

Cosmetically, the headphones look excellent. Barely used for more than 10 hours. You would get everything a brand new unit comes with except the $3,000 price tag.