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We usually don’t get much headphones in but when we got this in, we were very impressed with its performance. We are typical “full blown” system (rack with components on them and speakers placed out in a room) audiophiles and the few times that we have come across headphones that can replicate the “full blown” system usually cost several thousands of dollars. Like Focal’s flagship Utopia headphones which cost nearly $4,000 and its like having the full system right on your ears. The Elear you see here, is a more affordable “$1,000” model that almost replicate the same experience as the Utopia. Not exactly on par but close enough and for the dollars saved, the better value buy in our opinion.

Frequency response is an impressive 5Hz to 23KHz (you never see that kind of numbers on your typical speakers!) with a sensitivity of 104dB and 80 ohm impedance. A headphone amp is needed, preferably tube based, where the Elear headphones literally comes alive right in your ears with gusto and presence. Their proprietary designed “M-shaped” aluminum/magnesium domes delivers that wide-range frequency response that makes it feel like you have a pair of full range speakers mounted on your ears! If you want to full enjoy a “full blown” audio system sound but don’t have the space for one or just simply want to enjoy that experience without affecting other people in your household or office or wherever, the Elear is an excellent alternative. Earcups are very comfortable and was designed for extended use without “fatigue”.

Cosmetically, the headphones look really good. It looks like it was used very sparingly and we have the original boxes for it.