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Finite Elemente racks are one of the best out there. Very classy looking and not the “big iron” types that gives your room an industrial look. This is a four shelf (including the base) 33″ tall rack with each shelf measuring 19.3″ wide and 17.3″ deep. The middle two shelves can be moved around if you have components with different heights but the top shelf is “fixed” on that level. The top three shelves can take up to 55lbs of weight while the base shelf can take up to 110lbs.

Cosmetically, the rack looks really good. Minor scuff marks here and there and on the shelves which are common with use but nothing major. As the rack are shipped out from the factory fully assembled, it will be shipped as such too. We don’t have the original box so it will be shipped strapped on a pallet. Local pickup is much preferred.