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These are the highly celebrated isolation footers from Finite Elemente. Lots of positive feedback from users who can’t stop heaping praises at it and how it transform the sound of their component/system. Each Cerabase Compact feet is 2″ in diameter at the base and 1.4″ in diameter at the top. The height varies between 1.7″ and 2″ (when the top piece is fully screwed down or when it is unscrewed to its maximum height). With four feet, they can take up to an incredible 1,100 lbs! Which means you could put any audio gear over it and it will comfortably support it, isolate it and remove unwanted resonance from your component, speaker or system.

Cosmetically, the four footers look good. Minor scuff marks/nicks here and there but nothing major. Previous owner had furniture sliders under them to make it easier to move his rack over the carpet. If you don’t need them, you can peel them off. The set is missing a M8-1.25 screw (which you can get at any hardware store) but other two sets of screws are complete. They will be securely packed for safe shipping.