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In the realm of high end headphones, the D8000 is amongst the best. And by the best, we mean planar magnetic headphones. Forget earbuds. If headphones is the way you enjoy your music, planar magnetic is the closest, if not an exact replica to a pair of speakers in a listening room. Final however went a bit further by advancing the strengths of planar magnetic with what they call AFDS – Air Film Damping System. You can read up more on this fantastic engineering feat on their website. In terms of listening enjoyment, the D8000 easily trounce the Stax Quattro SR-L series of headphones and posed a better alternative to their similarly priced SR-009 headphones. The D8000 may be slightly heavier but its earpads were far more comfortable and “cooler” when in use. The spatial imaging in the D8000 is astonishing. Imaging was well placed with good extension across the frequency range. Music was smooth and natural without some of the harshness or misplaced imaging you hear from lesser headphones. The headphones comes with two sets of cables – 3.5mm mini plug and 6.3mm standard plug and the cables are connected directly to the earpads with a twist lock motion to secure the cables. A heavy iron stand is included and is where you “hang” your headphones after use. The headphones have won many international awards and have collected several prestigious trophies from its home country of Japan for its sonically accurate music presentation.

Cosmetically, the headphones are in great shape. One owner since new who bought this to “try” them out against his $130,000 system. He put maybe 4-5 hours of use and then boxed it back up. We have the original packaging and will have it securely packed for safe shipping.