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This power cord is all about the quality behind it. It is little known this part of the World but has enjoyed some measure of success in Asia. The structure looks a lot like the more expensive Skogrand cables we have sold in the past. The AC cord is bot on the bright side when you use them on amps or preamps (solid state). With tube preamps and CD players, it adds a nice “jazzed” up sound and opens the higher frequencies a little, giving it a bit more sparkle. Overall, it is a very well built cable and is best suited to a component or system that you want to “sharpen” the sound a little. Plugs on both ends are high quality Acrolink P-50/C-50 which retails for $50 each (so that is a $100 value right there).

Cosmetically, the cables look really good. Just minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack it for safe shipping.