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The X-05 is one of the more affordable models in Esoteric’s lineup. If you are looking to jump into the brand but don’t want to spend more than $3,000, the X-05 is as good as any model in their lineup that will impress you just like their more expensive X-01D2. Of course Esoteric has far more impressive two box, even three box systems that sets a much higher benchmark but as a one box unit, the X-05 is without equals at the price now. It is outstandingly well built, uses a solid transport and sounded as good as any reference one box player costing up to $8,000. Sonically, the player is amazingly clean and transparent. There was no “fuzziness” or little “grey” areas in its presentation. Just a well cut out imaging with precisely placed musical notes.

Cosmetically, the unit is pretty nice shape. Some scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original box and remote. Unit is pretty hefty and the large box it ships in will add some premium to the shipping.