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This is the ground breaking SACD/CD player that set the benchmark for single box SACD/CD player. Massively overbuilt and using the highly respected VRDS NEO CD transport (considered one of the best there is), the X-01 was a stunning CD player. Resolution and dynamics are impeccable. Music had a more substantial presence through the X-01 and we have only heard a handful of other players (so far) that actually sounded better than it. Any CD that you put in, it draws out the finest “crackle” in every note – good or bad. Needless to say, at this level, the finest ancillaries are needed to complete the “package”. But once you have such a package, you are listening to the best CD can offer. Multi-channel outputs on the rear is absolutely necessary to enjoy the full feature of SACDs.

We have the original box and remote.