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The UZ-1 universal player is a machine that Esoteric squeezed all its formidable processing formats into one slim component. Basically, you can play SACDs, CDs and DVDs (that also upscales to 1080i) all from just this one machine. With its machined aluminum case and stylishly curved faceplate, the UZ-1 is a stunning looking universal player that could almost pass of as a dCS twin sibling. When paired with its matching AZ-1 integrated amp, the two units become one of the most visually appealing partners in a two component audio/video system (we have the RZ-1, a one box all in one component for sale in a separate listing).

As a universal player, the UZ-1 is more impressive as a SACD/CD player. Its DVD playback is good too but if you are looking for a video only player, a Blu-ray player is the better option. Picture quality is first rate as a DVD player but no match to the HD quality of Blu-ray. So its DVD playback capability is more of a bonus over its excellent SACD/CD playback prowess.

In a two channel setup, the UZ-1 is almost as impressive as the X-01 we have for sale in another listing. It may not be equal to the X-01 but it was just as transparent, detailed and smooth. So if you want a dedicated two channel only music player, the X-01 is a fantastic buy. But if you want a sonic ability that comes close to the X-01 but puts forth a smaller but more stylish footprint and can be used occasionally to entertain with some movies, the UZ-1 will be the other option. Mind you, the X-01 retailed for twice the price of the UZ-1 with a more “burly” built quality. It was mildly obvious that sound deadening was cut short on the UZ-1 as you can hear a slight “whirring” sound as the disc is spinned. But for the money, the UZ-1 does an incredible job of mimicking the X-01 for much lesser money. The UZ-1 is one of the better examples where style equals performance.

This particular unit was formerly a demo unit from a dealership. There are some minor scuff marks and tiny knicks when it was displayed and auditioned in a showroom but still looks very good. Original box, remote and manual are included.