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Here is a component that defies the need to go “multiple” components in an audio system. The RZ-1 is a “lifestyle” all-in-one component that has an audiophile bite to it. Its primary objective is a SACD/CD player built into an integrated amp that also offers the flexibility of adding another three digital components (USB included) and two analog inputs of which one of them is a moving magnet phono input. Power output is 100W per channel in 6 ohms. All that is needed are just speakers and speaker cables.

We had this paired with Esoteric’s own MG10 reference monitor speakers and were quite impressed with the sonic accuracy from the pairing. Music was transparent, clear, tight and pinpoint. Together, they would have formed a $12,000 collaboration. Not exactly cheap by any measure but if you want simplicity without sacrificing quality, high end brand backing the product, sophisticated lifestyle look and a built quality that is associated with components costing into the thousands, the RZ-1 is as good as it comes. Unit measure 16″ wide, 15″ deep and about 3″ tall.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very nice shape. Just minor scuff marks here and there from use. One previous owner from new. We have the original box, manual and remote.