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$9500 Original Price: $25000
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A reference digital source unit does not come any better than the pair you see here. Battleship built quality, top notch transport system and a reference sound that sets the benchmark for digital audio. Previous owner of this combo had to move up to the P-02/D-02/G-02 combo that cost more than twice as much to best the P-03/D-03 setup. The improvement was clearly audible but what a price jump! I think for the many of us, the P-03/D-03 combo would suffice. The sound difference is not much but the savings are huge. The P-03/D-03 combo was one of the best money can buy when it first came out and is still one of the combo to beat at any price point now. This is a truly reference setup that will not disappoint.

We have the original boxes, copy of manual (P-03 transport) and remote.