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If you have heard the award winning Epos ES-11 speakers in the past, it is unlikely you have forgotten how sweet and beguiling the speaker sounded. The M15 brings back the same sentimental memory but with a touch more “oomph” in the bass section (bass extends down to 48Hz). The mids and highs shares the same sweetness, clarity, warmth and smoothness. Add the more authoritative bottom end and the M15 becomes a more full range sounding speaker with the same “small” footprint as its ES-11 monitor speakers. Each speaker is 8″ wide, 10″ deep and 35″ tall. Frequency response is 48Hz to 28KHz with a sensitivity of 97db and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms. Suggested power is 25W to 150W and we have driven them with 30W tube amps with incredible results.

Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. Some minor scuff marks/knicks here and there but nothing major. Speakers will be packed and shipped in two boxes. We also have a pair of the ES-11 monitor speakers if space is a premium for you and you can only have the speakers mounted on a shelf. Contact us for details.