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Before there was “dedicated” center channel speakers, manufacturers offer the ability to buy just one speaker that can then be used as a center channel speaker. Which was the case here. The previous owner love the sound of the ES-11 so much that when he added a modest AV receiver into his setup, he chose to purchase three more ES-11 to make it a five channel, all ES-11 speaker setup. Many years have past and he has decided that he is going back to two channel which is why three of the ES-11 is now for sale (the pair has been sold). As a musical transducer, the ES-11 is one of the great monitor speakers to hail from the era where British mid-fi rule the industry. They were constantly paired with amps from Creek, Audiolab, Cyrus etc where the entire setup becomes a showcase for how a simple $1,500 to $3,000 system can sound like it cost twice or even three times as much. In fact, the ES-11 is a multiple award winner in its heyday nineties. If you like the sound from the Rogers LS3/5, the ES-11 is the larger scale version of it. Deeper bottom end, fuller mids and highs and bigger soundstaging. So if you have a modest AV receiver and just want to add a very “qualified” speaker to take on the duty of a center channel, the ES-11 will do nicely. Its not going to replace a dedicated center channel speaker that has multiple drivers but in a smaller setup it will do nicely. Or, if you already have a pair and just want a spare backup speaker, there is no harm in getting it too. Cosmetically, the speaker looks good. Some scuff marks/knicks here and there but nothing major.¬†Previous owner had the cabinet refreshed with a new coat of paint so it looks better than its age. Speaker will be securely packed for safe shipping. ¬†