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This the ultimate grounding station. Weighing just as much as a power amp, this is unlike any other grounding station. With four grounding terminals on the rear, you can ground up to eight components (two per terminal) which is more than sufficient for most systems. If your component does not have a grounding terminal, you can use any unused RCA plug and ground it with a cable that has an RCA plug on one end and a speaker spade on the other. Included will be ONE Eartha Silver spade to spade cable ($480) and ONE¬†Eartha Silver spade to RCA¬†cable ($530 each) which is missing the RCA pin and tip. You can either replace it or change it over to spade. Either way, we are throwing in this for free. Cosmetically it is in fine shape. Some light scratches on the top (which you can sand away) and minor marks elsewhere. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.