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The Silver Cleanus is like the turbo booster for grounding. If you currently own an Entreq grounding unit, they are probably passive in nature (it is not connected to an AC outlet). With the Silver Cleanus, you can up the ante on the grounding prowess of your current Entreq unit by connecting the Silver Cleanus to one of the grounding terminal on your Entreq unit and then plugging the Silver Cleanus to an outlet. The Silver Cleanus via the connected grounding wire (Eartha Silver Ground Cable is included) will increase the grounding capacity of your Entreq unit and thus make the background even darker and quieter. The Silver Cleanus can be connected to any Entreq unit regardless of number of grounding terminals.

Cosmetically it is in fine shape. Some scuff marks/scratches here and there but nothing major. We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping. Included are one Everest Binding Post Cap ($320 MSRP), one Eartha Silver Ground Cable ($415 MSRP) and one Apollo USB cable ($730).