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The Apollo Powerus is an interesting hifi piece. Being that it is a “distribution” unit, its main goal is to deliver power or electrical current in as natural a waveform as possible. So in its design, it does not have any active filters but puts in place their own proprietary technology and their expertise in grounding (like in the Silver Tellus), reducing the effects of magnetic fields and noise from high frequencies. We were able to compare it with the PS Audio P10 that we just sold which technically operated along similar lines where the P10 “actively” regenerates the waveform. The difference between the two is not night and day different. Both did their job but just delivered slightly different results. The Entreq sounded slightly darker, more calmer on the edges of the frequencies. Floor noise was quieter and the general music presentation was a bit more mellow, smoother. The P10 based system was a bit more vibrant. Being the premier movers in grounding technology, Entreq does recommend hooking up the Apollo to another grounding unit, like the Silver Tellus, for even more “enhanced” grounding. But we have since long sold the Silver Tellus so we weren’t able to test that out. The mains lead grounding terminal on the Apollo is capped over by a $380 Entreq Everest grounding cap which you can see in the pics. Power cable on it is a shotgun hard wired Atlantis Power Cord with the six outlets offered through Furutech GTX-D receptacles and carbon fiber plates.

Cosmetically it is in fine shape. Some light scratches on the all wood cabinet but nothing major.  We don’t have the original box but will securely pack it for safe shipping.