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The Encore AV preamp was a breadth of fresh air in the days where AV preamps were a dime a dozen. Where it distinguishes itself from the crowd was how well made it was and how fantastic it sounded as a two channel stereo preamp. If this was measured now as a two channel preamp, it will rival anything out there costing up to $1,000 or even $1,500. As a home theater processor, it is pretty good but in the face of HD and HDMI, the Encore is missing out the HD crowd. But on sound alone, be it music or movie soundtracks, this is an outstanding unit for the money. If you don’t need something fancy, this is an affordable ex-masterpiece.

Cosmetically, it is in great shape. Minor scuff marks/nicks from use but nothing major. We have the touchscreen remote and an older EAD remote (a few buttons are faulty, back cover is cracked but we will include it anyway). Copy of manual (very important to extract out the best from this unit) is included though we didn’t go through it page by page to ensure every page is there….but you can always fine the online version if there are. Unit will be securely pack to ensure safe arrival.