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The Atlas power amp is one of those rare component that is almost universally accredited by reviewers and magazines as one of the best sounding amp in its price category. With 200W per channel in 8 ohm, it doubles up to 400W in 4 ohm. Spec wise, there are many power amps that share this similarity but how many out there offers two sets of inputs where one set actually feeds the incoming signal from your preamp to an onboard Hi Pass crossover? Yup, the Atlas does that. And that’s because you may have an active subwoofer and you want to cut off the frequency range your main speakers are getting. From the front faceplate, you can adjust anywhere between 40 Hz to 200 Hz. If you don’t need to use that feature, then, there is the normal inputs (like any other poweramp) that you can use and treat the Atlas like any other standard power amp. Another feature that the Atlas has is its tube input stage. With one 6SN7 tube in each channel, the 200W from the Atlas is comparatively warmer sounding than say….our Krell solid state amp. The Atlas is smoother, more lush sounding. Does that negate the using of a tube preamp to obtain the warm smooth sound of tubes? We will leave that to your discretion. An important tip here – read the manual first because it has some interesting steps to selecting the inputs and setting the frequency range.

Built and finish of Aesthetic pieces have always been top notch and the Atlas is no different. Weighing in at a hefty 70lbs, this almost “squarish” like 18″ by 18″ amp has a brutish almost bull dog like stance. Its a serious looking amp that has a serious sound quality. Cosmetically, the amp looks really good. Minor scuff marks from use but nothing major. We have the original manual and box (a bit beat up though) and will have it securely packed for safe shipping.