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The Energy Take series of speakers are designed for rooms where space is a constraint or you want music to be reproduced without the speakers being too obvious in the room. Each speaker is 6.75″ tall, 4″ wide and 5.25″ deep and will easily sit on the palm of your hand. Within the speaker is a 3.5″ polymer/aluminum woofer and 1″ aluminum dome tweeter. Frequency response is 80-20KHz with a nominal impedance of 8 ohm and a sensitivity of 89dB. ¬†Manufacturer recommends a power amp of 10W to 150W.

On its own, the diminutive speaker throws out a relative large soundstage for its size. A subwoofer is recommended if you are planning to use them as the front stereo speakers but optional if you are using them as surround speakers. The pair you see here were former dealer demos which were setup in a small/medium size room with the Take 1 center speaker (also for sale in a separate listing) and a variety of subwoofers to showcase how five small speakers and a sub can reproduced a lively and dynamic home theater sound. If you need more than one pair, let us know. We have a few pairs for sale.

Cosmetically, the speaker is in pretty nice shape. Minor scuff marks from being used as a demo but nothing major. We don’t have the original packaging but will securely pack them for safe shipping.