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If the two box TSDX CD transport and DAC-2X DAC that we have listed for sale in the other listing is beyond your budget, then the CDSA SE might be the answer. As a single box CD player, it embellish pretty much all the good things from that $34,000 combo into this $11,500 player. Side by side, we had to struggle to pick up the minor sonic difference between the two. Yes, the TSDX/DAC-2X combo maybe the slightly better setup, but at more than three times the MSRP of the CDSA SE, it is definitely not three times better. So if we had to put our money down and have a limited budget, the CDSA SE will be our choice. It has the same ruthless conviction towards detail, high level of resolution and a pinpoint accurate soundstage and image. Especially with SACDs. The CDSA SE will play both red book CDs and SACDs (in 2 channel only) but with SACDs, it really sets itself apart from other SACD players. Built quality is top notch.

Cosmetically, the unit looks really good with just minor scuff marks from use. The remote control however has some wear on the bottom side which is a common issue with this “plastic” remote (The more expensive EMM Labs combo spots a metal remote). Unit will be securely packed for safe shipping.