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The EP4.7 are astounding speakers by any measure. Whether they are pitch against competing floorstanders or monitor speakers that cost up to $10,000, they come through with a  very unique listening experience that sets it apart from the other more conventional “boxed” competitors. The EP4.7 is a 3-way “boxless” speaker. Each speaker spots a 15″ woofer, 12″ mid-woofer and a 1″ polyester compression driver that takes care of the highs. Frequency response is an impressive 28Hz to 22KHz with a 95dB sensitivity and a nominal impedance of 8 ohm. They are very easy to drive but because of their design, will require four channel amplification to complete its setup. Other than the two main speakers, there are two passive crossover unit and a active digital crossover – DSP2.4. So how you set them up is having the DSP-2.4 fitted between your preamp and multichannel amp. The DSP-2.4 takes in the preouts from your preamp where it splits the signal into the high/mid and lows. The high/mid signals coming out from the DSP-2.4 than goes into the two channel of the amp where the speaker out from there goes into the passive crossover box. Here, jumpers are provided where you can jumper the binding posts or you can use a biwired speaker cable. On the opposite side of the crossover box, the signal is further split into the highs and mids which you connect via the supplied speaker cables to the respective binding posts on each speaker. There are three pairs of binding posts on each speaker – highs, mids and lows. The low signal coming out from the DSP-2.4 goes into another pair of two channel in on the amp and the speaker out from those two channels go directly into the “low” speaker binding posts on the speakers. With that, the speakers are appropriately wired up and ready to go!

Compared to the CS3 speaker (also from Emerald Physics), the EP4.7 is a whole different animal. The bass response was deeper, tighter and more powerful. The mids were richer and more textured and the highs more detailed and smooth. The CS3 had an impressive soundstage and imaging but the EP4.7 added more body, more depth and “flavor” to the overall experience. There was a noticeable lack of “boxiness” to the sound where musical notes seems to float around you. The speakers do need to be placed a bit more further out from the rear wall than the usual “box” speakers but that laid the pathway for greater depth. If you listen to a vocal soundtrack, its almost like having the singer right in your listening room. Each speaker stands about 40″ tall, 22″ wide and 15″ deep (measured at the base).

Cosmetically, the speakers look good. Minor scuff marks here and there but nothing major. We have the original boxes and manual. Due to their weight and size, they should ideally be shipped on a pallet as freight.